Production II


Bonita controls the largest banana production system in Ecuador; and, contracts with a carefully selected independent grower network to ensure consistent high-volume Bonita Premium Banana exports to the global market-place.

“Changing Lives for the Better”

Food and environmental safety, and workers rights are issues of paramount concern. Bonita is committed to protecting the working rights and safety of the people who supply its product to the world while offering the global consumer healthy, nutritious fruit of the highest quality.


The Bonita production network is benchmarked against internationally recognized environmental, food safety, and ethical standards, with on-going re-certification schedules to ensure up-to-date compliance.

Bonita has more GlobalGap certified production facilities and banana hectacres than any other grower in Ecuador; including the largest GlobalGap certified individual farms in GlobalGap’s international banana network.

Bonita is fully committed to selling products which are grown with minimum agro-chemicals, and which are fully traceable through the Bonita supply chain, in compliance with EAN/GS1, the European Union Fresh Produce Traceability Protocol.

The Bonita production network is primarily in Guayas and Rios, famed as the best areas to cultivate bananas. Smaller quantities are also sourced from the third of the major growing area, El Oro. El Oro, Guayas, and, Los Rios, represent 99% of Ecuadorian banana production. These areas are in “La Costa” (the Coast), the lowlands of the Pacific Coast, known for its tropical climate and fertile soil.

Bonita Premium Bananas, Ecuador’s finest.