Our Fruits II



Bananas are among the most popular fruits in the world.

It is a curved fruit, approximately 20 cm long, and sweet in taste when the fruit is ripe. Bananas are most commonly eaten as a ripe fruit, however in some cultures a green unripe banana is used in traditional dishes.


Bananitos or Baby Bananas are a small variety of bananas. Whereas a Conventional Banana is around 20 cm long, the Bananito is only 6-7 cm long. They are very sweet with a creamy, dense texture.



Bananitos Hands

Bananitos Hands are fan-shaped when they are harvested from the plant. This is the same variety as the Bananitos, but the name refers to the shape of the display. The Bananitos Hands are sold as one unit, whereas the Bananitos are cut into smaller clusters and usually sold in small mini packs.

BIO/Organic Bananas

Next to Bananas, we also grow Organic Bananas that proudly carry the BIO label.


Red Bananas

The Red Banana is approximately 12 cm long, which makes it smaller than the conventional banana, and slightly bigger than the baby banana. The colour of the skin is green-reddish. Red Bananas have a light creamy to soft pink colour and is somewhat sweeter than the Conventional Banana.


Plantains or Cooking Bananas are destined to be used in cooked dishes. They are consumed as a vegetable, boiled, steamed, baked, fried or grilled. The plantain contains more starch than a Conventional Banana, but the taste becomes sweeter after ripening. Depending on the dish, different stages of ripening are needed. When a Plantain ripens, the peel colour changes from green to yellow to black.