Bonita is a global leader in the Premium Banana and Diversified fruit business for over 55 years. The Bonita Brand is recognized world-wide for it’s standard of quality, customer service, innovation, and sound corporate governance.

The Bonita Mission is to thoughtfully manage the complete Bonita supply-chain while offering the global consumer healthy, nutritious fruit of the highest quality and best value.

The Bonita commitment to “Changing Lives for the Better” extends from:

• Protecting the working rights and safety of it’s thousands of dedicated employees
• Mandating sustainable stewardship of the environment
• Encouraging prosperous community development through fair wages and education for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations.


Bonita is a leading global banana exporter delivering Premium Bananas and diversified fruit to the international marketplace. Innovation and meeting individual customer needs is a hallmark of the Bonita customer service experience.

Bonita sources its Premium Bananas and diversified fruit primarily from Ecuador, the largest banana exporting nation in the world. Ecuador banana production is known globally as the bench-mark of excellence for consistent supply of the highest quality bananas.

Bonita manages the largest banana production network in Ecuador; and, is its largest agricultural employer. Thousands of hardworking people and their families depend upon the banana industry for their livelihood.

Bonita is the leading producer of GlobalGap certified fruit in Ecuador with more total hectacres planted; and, with the largest banana production facilities certified in the world-wide GlobalGap banana certification program.